Saturday, December 17, 2011

Scrap glass to beauty!

Scraps of glass turned into beautiful artwork. This is my latest obsession at the torch! Scrap pieces of Boro (COE 33) glass. It has a different look from both sides, and tons of sexy texture!
Boro you say??? But I work in soft glass... YES! Yes I do. Not only do I work in soft glass but I work on a minor with only a 5 LPM oxygen concentrator. These are so much fun, and so different from working making beads. not to say it is difficult, its really not if you are even a novice glass worker. However the results are simply stunning! There was a little trial and error with this, and now I can not stop thinking of things to do, patterns to create, and tools with texture! I think I am even going to carve out my own patterns in graphite! Yes I am that excited about these! I plan to take more pictures and have them up on facebook, and to use in the tutorial.

Scrap Dichro

Oh yea.. I am writing a FREE tutorial for these as well! I will show you exactly how you can achieve a great look using just scraps of dichroic glass. First dibs will go to members of Connecticut Lampwork facebook page, then it will be available here for all. I will also throw up the link on LE to my glass family. I will be taking pictures of each simple step this week and have them up ASAP. I may even throw in a video... We will see.

If you would like one, or any of my other work, they are on display at Artsake Gallery in Tolland.
If you cant get there or are too far, please contact me. I currently have a good number of them, but do not have them up for sale online. I can even get them in the mail as soon as Monday so hopefully you might have it before christmas. If you are local I can even deliver! What service!!!

Happy Holidays!

Artsake Gallery is located at the corner of Rte 74 and Rte 30 in Tolland, CT.
Come in and visit us! Our hours are:
Wednesday, 10 am - 5 pm
Thursday, noon - 8 pm
Friday, 10 am-5 pm
Saturday, 10 am-2 pm