Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Hollow's

New hollow bead style for me today! I told you I would try something I had not done in a while, and I did! I played with hollows and I PLAYED, no production work at all, just play :). I probably should have re-read my own tutorial before jumping in. It has been over a year since I dabbled in the art of the hollow bead! I did not want to do anything normal, so I decided to take a little idea from the cool blown glass vases with the hole in the center!!! I got these. Hollows with holes! They honestly were not as hard as I thought, they just take patience and slow going. I will be working on a tutorial soon enough!

Layers of DSP, med intense blue and deep purple :)

Aqua, Blue and Green Glass.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am in block...

Blogger block. It is probably because I have not torched in weeks! I have been so busy with work, a show, a store I keep stuff in, time dedicated to the family, birthdays, easter is coming, court with the BF's X wife. and BF's car (yes its a work in progress!)

None of which is really any fun to into any great detail about, but I am neglecting my blog, and my glass!
I have not even re-connected my torch since I brought it for the demo! I really need to look into buying a second torch so I do not have to disconnect my main torch. I have a HH I could bring, but it is SO loud I can not hear my customers and onlookers.

For now I will just leave you with the thoughts in my head about glass I have been dreaming about.
Zebra stripes and keys... and big flat focal beads.. bead sets and colorful blends, and new frit combo's and new color combo, and the good ole' ones too! Silver leaf, blues greens and yellows! The list goes on. I also want to work on some hollows. I have not done any work on hollows in a while! Its a phase thing with me... I make them for weeks, then make none at all for a long time. So I will leave you with the hollow tutorial, and the thought of making something you have not done in a long time.

here is the page link to the tutorial :)

I will have something else very interesting to post about soon! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Show stuff #2

The week s about show's and I had one yesterday, a bit slow I may add... but it was not the promoters fault, there was tons of advertising and lots of vendors, and in previous years was busier.

I love doing this local craft show. It is at the local high school and benefits the 'project graduation' drug free party. Great cause in my own town, of course I do this show! :)

This is by far one of the most organized shows I go to ANYWHERE! Bev, who is in charge has plenty of high schoolers on hand to unload and pack up your vehicle! Literally I was trailing behind with ONE tote bag, saying... uhh.. did you want me to carry something?? I was unloaded in less than 3 minutes, Tables, torch, oxy con and all! These kids rock, and they are there to help you get it to your car when you break it down too! There is also a very organizes break, and food (breakfast and lunch) system for the vendors, and the student really are careful with your stuff.  I have paid 4 times as much money and gotten A LOT less at a lot of shows! The show is well advertised and they try to schedule a bake sale, and a car wash (outside) so there are maximum people stopping by. There were more signs up this year than ever, and in a wider area as well. I say the ad;'s in the local papers, and whatnot too. So why was it slower than last year???? who knows... economy? timing? I am just glad that I made money, and so did the kids!

I was a bit over packed this show. Hey, it was my first show this year, and I had a new set up I was trying out. Yes I used my checklist (and no I did not bring everything on the list! LOL) It was great as usual. My over-packing was actually in the sign-age department this time. See I got these cool stands that I have not used before, and I started pricing things individually more than in groups this year, (due to placement of products). The stands I used were awesome! My set up was easy, and fast! Yet still was pretty, and easy to shop. So back to these stands! A great find off of craigslist!!! They used to hold coffee... But they are perfect for jewelry boxes, and they have pegs on the sides for hanging stuff! I used 2 stands (I bought 5, for $5 bucks a pop!). It cut down on my tables needed! That in itself was a plus! I also took the sides of one rack and put whiteboard contact paper on it! PERFECT for writing out the prices and description of the product, with dry erase markers. This is why I had so many extra picture frame style signs, well this and I just did not go through my sign stash and bring what I needed.. I was a bit short on time, and the show is literally 8 min away from home. I have a bunch of necklaces that I made very simple, with one bead, that I sell at one group price, and some wire chocker style necklaces that I also sell for one set price. This was perfect to display and price them. I like to cary some simple items at a low price along with some pricier items. I find that when I have a price for everyone, I sell more. The second stand was a dedicated bead shop. It homed earring pairs, sets and focals :) I was very happy to sell a bunch of beads from that stand! Usually in the past at this show in-particular I have not sold any "just beads" other than BHB's for bracelets! I was thrilled!

My demo was a hit! People really sometimes just do not understand what you are talking about until you show them... I was also very happy the jewelry makers in my area are becoming more educated about Lampwork beads! I was thrilled when one customer walked in, said "Oh lampwork beads !!!! Are they kiln annealed???" Yes of course! She was ecstatic, and frankly so was I.

I can't believe did not even take any pictures of my set up yesterday! (bummer!!) Oh well next time!

One show down.... how many more to go???? IDK... It depends on how much I get to the torch!