About Me

Hi my name is Jaci... and I am a Glass-aholic..........

Talking about myself is not my strong point, but here is a rundown.
My name is Jaclyn Helen Sinkewicz, I prefer "Jackie" but I spell it "JACI"
I live in Connecticut. I try to make life beautiful. My partner Jay is amazing and supportive of me in life and in glass. He calls my torch "my other boyfriend." We have been together oh.. many years now, had plans to be married, but put those plans on hold when he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He has two boys from his first marriage (15 and 17 now). Sometimes my glass gets put on hold, but is my happy place. So I keep going back to it as I often as possible.

How it all began:
I have been lampworking as a hobby since I was 16. I was on vacation once and a woman named Jo-Bean had a small shop close to where I was staying. I watched her work in her shop for what seemed like forever! About a week later she offered to let me make a bead. Of course I did!!! I later cleaned her windows in her studio for the chance to make 3 or 4 more beads. I was hooked, and uneducated.... I thought she was the only one in the world who did this strange melting of glass rods! I did not even know what it was called! I was only 14 or 15 when I saw her, and it really just mesmerized me.

A year or so later my mother found a neat little starter kit called "Make Your Own Glass Beads" in the back of a Lark Books catalog. It came with a few rods of glass, some safety glasses, some tools, and a Hot Head torch. It had a 3 page instructional print out that had drawings of hands holding glass sticks in a fire... That was all I needed!!! Mom would let me play on the back deck. Eventually I found out it was called "Lampworking" I found a supplier, and this great website called Lampwork ETC. www.lampworketc.com (LE for short). LE taught me a world of things I would have never imagined!! Not to mention that it became my glass family. I got the support of hundreds of glass blowers like me! It took me 8 years until I actually met another person who melts glass in person! Go figure!

More Recently:
Now after more than 10 years of trial and error, I have a great studio set up, lots of glass (never enough!!!) Tools that are just cool, friends for a lifetime, and BEADS! LOTS OF BEADS!!

I have participated in art shows, craft fairs, flea markets, and other vending opportunities.
I have given demonstrations and lectures to girl scouts, classrooms, and elderly housing, and other groups.
I have participated in countless exchanges with other bead makers, giving and receiving little masterpieces of glass art.
I have been able to give very personal handmade gift to my closest friends, and family.
I have taken on students and have an apprentice! (This is way too cool!)
I fully support BEADS OF COURAGE
I encourage you to do the same.

Jaci Sinkewicz 
~Lampwork Artist~