Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am in block...

Blogger block. It is probably because I have not torched in weeks! I have been so busy with work, a show, a store I keep stuff in, time dedicated to the family, birthdays, easter is coming, court with the BF's X wife. and BF's car (yes its a work in progress!)

None of which is really any fun to into any great detail about, but I am neglecting my blog, and my glass!
I have not even re-connected my torch since I brought it for the demo! I really need to look into buying a second torch so I do not have to disconnect my main torch. I have a HH I could bring, but it is SO loud I can not hear my customers and onlookers.

For now I will just leave you with the thoughts in my head about glass I have been dreaming about.
Zebra stripes and keys... and big flat focal beads.. bead sets and colorful blends, and new frit combo's and new color combo, and the good ole' ones too! Silver leaf, blues greens and yellows! The list goes on. I also want to work on some hollows. I have not done any work on hollows in a while! Its a phase thing with me... I make them for weeks, then make none at all for a long time. So I will leave you with the hollow tutorial, and the thought of making something you have not done in a long time.

here is the page link to the tutorial :)

I will have something else very interesting to post about soon! :)

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