Saturday, June 25, 2011

Long time no post!

Sorry for such the delay in posting everyone! Its been a crazy few months. My Studio is not in storage once again, but for the promise of a better one in the future right? Well that's the plan anyways. I am not torching or teaching at the moment, but I plan to resurrect things in 6 months. I miss my torch already! More than that, I have no internet! There is NO internet where we live now, up in the woods. Nice place, but no internet is not so fun.... especially when you are used to doing business on it, and blogging, and having an established online community  family already! I miss my online friends, but think of them often. I was not expecting at all to not have internet, or torch time, or a place to torch for that matter at all. But life happens, as it should. The loops that we are thrown are just a testament of our journey. They are may times inconvenient and unexpected, but not always a bad thing in the end.

The most important thing now is that I have my family, and we are all healthy, have jobs, and living life as much as we can. I apologize now for now, for not having the resources to be online as much as I should, and not keeping up with the blog and probably having some delayed response time in things like LE, Artfire, and e-mail.  Please know that I am still here, I still have my studio (packed but still mine), a not so small inventory of items already made, and in stonecraft cottage, and listed on artfire. I will not be taking any special orders of course, or teaching until I am up and running again, but I do plan to continue these things in the future. I may even do a few shows (maybe with my torch) towards the end of summer and fall.

I thank you all in advance for your support and patience with my business and 'online life'.

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