Monday, August 22, 2011

General Update:

Good news to those who glass...
     I have partnered with a glass buddy of mine, Jen Hopkins, and will be setting up studio at her frame shop Artsake in Tolland in the old firehouse at the corner of Rt 74 and Rt 30! Very exciting for me and her both! Look for more of our work, and classes coming soon! I also wanted to add that my Artfire is still open for now. I started my free trial the day before pricing kicked in, and then sold an item (I am having a bit of trouble contacting the buyer...but thats e-selling for you right??? the way it always happens! lol) SO as long as atrfire pays for itself it will be open :). I still have many things in Bolton for sale at the shop, and now in Tolland in the frame shop as well.

I was also invited back, and will be participating in Stafford Springs, "Artist in the Park" October 1st in Hyde Park Look for more information soon! Jen and I will be collaborating a few shows I am sure coming this fall and into winter. I am a bit excited, and already corrected my excitement typo's so I am sure I missed a few!

Updates to come!

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