Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well the studio is up and running, as is the torch! My artfire store is still open as well. I have been torching again for a few days now!

I will get some pics of the studio when it is more finalized all around, and keep you posted on some new beads :) Artfire will be open as long as it continues to pay for itself, so I encourage all of you to support it.

Jen has been a great friend to work with in her framing shop and glass studio. I am so grateful to have her in my glassy life :) It is a privilege to work with her! You better believe we will be cranking out beads for the fall, and winter!!! You can always find Jen up there, and I am usually up there a few days a week as well. Click here for Artsake Information

I have just one show for now (Oct 1 in Stafford Springs- Hyde Park 12-7pm), and I will probably pick up a few others on short notice through christmas. Autumn in the Park is a great show that really focuses on the artists. It is one of my best shows every year, and I love going back to it. This year, I will have not only my work, but some of Terri George's Polymer Clay beads, and hopefully some of Jen Hopkins glass as well. Jen will be at the shop in Tolland, but I am hoping that Terri can join us for the beginning of the day before she heads to work. Click here for info on the Autumn in the Park

I am also looking forward to Open Studio this year. I am not participating as an artist this year, but will be around to help out Jen in the shop and probably be torching...  Jen will have a variety of artist who will be showcasing their work at Artsake this year. I will be sure to participate next year (I was not up and torching this year early enough to participate this year ).  Click here for Open Studio Information

 So far I have been putting out feelers for how my fellow crafters have been doing. It does not look too good right now. However we just had a hurricane, (well tropical storm when it officially hit us) and a lot of people have not really recovered from that yet. There are still many with home damages, and many more who are just missing out on the last days of summer due to extra work at their jobs, and/or homes to clean up their houses, yards or their neighbors.

I have also heard about a lower turn out at the local fairs for crafter booths, and also at the farmers markets. I will be talking to some of my friends on the show circuit in the next week or so, and see how that is going. I can only hope that with weather making some miss out on early fall craft shows that they will be eager to buy in the next few months.

I will write soon, and I hope to pick up writing weekly again soon as well. It is just challenging without internet at home!

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