Friday, January 14, 2011

Beads Of courage and More

Hi everyone ) No torching for me today (I got out of the house), but I did get the beads done yesterday that I needed to, and some just playing around.
  One is for a giveaway that will happen in February through another blog! The prize will be for a lucky reader, as I am being featured as an artist on the blog "Nights Of Passion" ( ) in February. (Very cool!) I hear there will be some sort of interview, and scavenger hunt!
  It also means I need to get some cool stuff, not just beads and classes up in my artfire! I have just started working on this, and will be continuing this all week. Since I am not doing any shows for a few months, I will be in production mode making as much as possible!! I promise this year I will try and make at least 2 of some items, so people who have asked can have matching gifts as well. I will make more of anything on request, but sometimes when shopping, you just want it now! Yes I get it! LOL!  I have 50 pairs of beads to make into earrings this week too! I am etching about 1/2 of them as well, should be pretty cool! I may not put every pair online, but who knows.. I just have to get Jay to take the pictures for me I suck at it. Really. I will take pics and keep you posted in the etching process!

On another note......
  This morning I found this great blog, and I will be making a bunch of beads for beads of courage to add to the pile I have to send in already! woot woot! I encourage all of you to check out the Beads of Courage website and donate if possible!!!

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