Saturday, January 29, 2011

Etching Wars!!!

Etching Wars!!!! muahahaha!

These are the test beads before etching. I will probably be doing a side by side comparison at some point (maybe...) But being that these beads are just finicky in the etch I wanted to show the before and afters as a true comparison.Since my last 2 beads were etched (made with the same rod of glass, on the same mandrel, one etched the other seemed untouched) I am wondering if the flame composition may have something to do with leaving an invisible residue on the beads that hinders the etching process. It could just be a fluke all together.

OK the top row from left to right is : 
006 clear,
008 Very Pale Amber
012  Lt Amber Topaz
014 Med Amber Topaz
016  (2 beads) Root Beer Brown DK Topaz
019 Sage
020 Lt Grass c
022 Med Grass Green 
027 Dk Teal
030 Dk Emerald Green
040 Lt Amethyst
042 Med Amethyst
044 Dk Amethyst
046 Pale Amethyst

And the Bottom row in the same direction is:
052 Lt Blue
054 Med Blue
057 Intense Blue
060 Cobalt Blue
064 Black
067 Rose Quartz
068 Pale Pink
069 Striking Yellow
071 (2 beads) Yellow Green
072 Striking Orange
076 Striking Red
080 Pale Lavender
082 LBP
090 Kelp
new ocean blue

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