Monday, January 31, 2011

Etching Wars!!!

After etching for 20 min then being washed, and soaked with baking soda most of the beads are streaky. its weird. It is the same problem I had the first time I etched some teal. hummm....  This leads me to believe that maybe I should be washing my beads in vinegar or dish soap first, and maybe there is an invisible slime residue????? I will re-etch the beads after I take another photo of them. I will etch for another 20 min. I think there are a few that came out OK. Maybe the lighter browns, and pinks. If they were etched well @ 20 min I will remove them and  just etch the others.

Here is the first picture (20 min etching time-baking soda water bath and a good rinse)

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