Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh Blogger Where Art Thou?

It has been a L O N G 2 weeks!! Let me tell you!!!!
GROSS FACTOR BEWARE< THERE ARE TALKS OF SNOT HERE> proceed with caution. And skip down if you choose.
I have been sick something awful the past few weeks I am still coughing actually... It happens almost every February! This year was especially awful. After so many years of the same thing I don't eve bother going to the dr any more. I get the same speach... "well i can give you a Z pak (or same basic thing) and you can take it NEXT WEEK if you are not feeling better by then." but dr.. my throat hurts, and not from anything except pos-nasal drip that is somehow by-passing my nose, and going straight to my throat, where of course I am choking on it, and eww.. just hacking it up. Ya my throat hurts from all that coughing! "well i can give you some cough medicine with codeine"  Will it stop my cough??? "no but it will fell better, and you might get some sleep" Oh OK... how do you stop the cough??? I have been battling this for years and have no clue.. This year I had all this, and on top of it felt just plain iky all over, head ach, sore body, hurts to do anything... I thought for a day that the way my mouth started to hurt I might have strep! Thank god, that did not materialize into anything! So low and behold I have been sitting around the house snot rag in hand.. sneezing and coughing. I cough so hard I'd pee a little, so I was really in no mood to go out in public! heaven forbid I coughed, and peed myself! I'd make it onto the people of wal-mart photo's website!!! NO I will not!!!! So cooped up in the house I have been.

I have really spend most of the time looking for a job. I may have been successful... Not sure yet.
Tomorrow I will divulge my grey haired valentines day!!! hahaha!!! Its to DYE for! LOL

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