Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To DYE for....

So I have naturally blond hair that has gotten darker over the years. Its currently (naturally) a dark dirty blond to light brown color.  Well.. I have had it bleached pink and blonde for a few months now (LOVE IT! everyone should have pink hair) BUT my roots needed to be done a few weeks ago, and I really need a job other than my glass business. Its just time. (Dont worry I will still be making beads as always)
So boyfriend helped me pick out a shade of color at the store that is very very close to my natural color. its called "blonde beige" (picture does not do it any justice)
Yea.... I am grey... Like STORM from X-Men! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Funny thing is, its a really nice grey! It has tonality, it looks natural, with striations, and varying shades perfectly put together... oh and the box claimed to have excellent grey coverage.... So I go back to the store today to get a more golden blonde to cover my grey hair... Funny thing is I am 27. I don't currently have any grey hair! But when I do..... I already decided I am streaking it with blue or purple or something!! It really is a great foundation for other colors!

Hopefully the old lady jokes will stop when I get a color that takes care of the grey! hahahaha....
Im really kind of laughing about it... BF keeps telling me to take out my teeth before I come to bed!!!! OUCH! He is 13 years older than me! he is MY old man! He has REAL greys!! LOL

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