Thursday, March 17, 2011

Make Your Own Frit Results!

I made a few test beads with the frit I made. They all came out great! This bead inparticular was not what I expected.....
This is Frit Blend #2 over Grasshopper green! TO DIE FOR! The pictures do not even do this justice! I will be using this combo more, This is a mix that resonates with island waters of tropical paradises!

Blend #1

Here are the samples, on black white and clear.

A close up of the clear.

Blend #2

On White and Clear only. (There is only one non transparent color in the mix.)

Frit Blend #3
It is a little blurry, so here are a few more pics. (click to enlarge)

Below are a bunch of pics with the different colors. Blend 1 and 2 are very similar. The main noticeable factor is that Frit blend #2 is much more of a transparent blend than the Frit Blend #1. This was my intention.
Blend #2




I did not have the chance to play with blend 3 as much as I thought I would at this torch session. But I am sure you will be seeing it in my work! I also think I will add more purple next time! Although I think this may look great on a few colors just like this!

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