Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Week To Come... JOBS... and Show Prep

Well it has been an interesting week!
I started a job at a really neat company. So far its a pretty cool job, no complaints! I had a second job all lined up too... I trained, and showed up my first day, and... let down!!! Some kind of mis-communication between management, and the girl already working my shifts prior is not leaving after all. (WTF)

I was really looking forward to it!! Bartending at a sushi bar! F U N, goo hours, sat night till 11, and sunday evening til 10, (and sushi!) Really nice people too. I hope that they call me in to work in the future. I really want to keep bartending on a regular basis, even if its not there.. but for now, I guess I will keep looking.

I have to stop in and request payment for the hours I trained (and did not get tipped for) and I am thinking of asking if they want me to stay on as a fill in. This way when the girl actually decided to leave (it kindda seems like eventually she will) I can just jump in.

I am kind of mad that I really did put some serious effort into starting this job for them . I was really excited, and looking forward to it, so of course I would put the effort in. I bought new clothes.. new shoes.. (you know the all black bartender stuff) I worked a 9 hour shift at my day job, and then spent another 4 hours (ALL IN IN HEELS) bartending for my training to work the weekend... Which I did not even work, but canceled my plans, 2 weeks in a row for thinking I had a job. I had a message saying i didn't have to work the first saturday, but I was not really supposed to work that day anyways, I was just filling in. What I guess I was being told (in broken english) was the shift was covered-permanently. So I showed up for what was supposed to be my first day...

I am contemplating asking for payment in a free sushi dinner in stead of cash... I figure If they have not put me on the books, and it was just a few hours, and all this crap it is the least they can do, and it would eliminate some tension, knowing that I would have no animosity as a customer as well.

I am obviously babbling about this... It kindda hurts. I asked if I did something wrong.. They said no, it was just a mis-communication of starting me, not knowing if the other girl was actually staying.. I was hired on the spot, and they expected me to be taking the shifts, and for the girl to be leaving. I still feel rejected... :(

So no beads this weekend, and it will be a busy week at work, and I have a show next weekend. I think This week will be about prepping for shows. Checklists and some set up pics. What to bring, what I usually over pack... What I usually forget! and some stories about how to deal with customer relations. It will be more words than pics, but rest assured it IS important to keep customer relations up to be successful!

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