Thursday, March 10, 2011

More wig wags and recipes!

A few more wig wags, as these are so fun! I have a selection of transparents, and this time I tried to tighten my wig to my wag.  I realized after pulling the first batch that if I did not get them tighter, they would just look more like a twistie on a bead. It is harder to make a tighter wave. It wants to make a thicker wig-wag this way. My first was disastrous again, but I had to find my groove :) This first picture shows the difference between the first wig-wag's wave distance and the new ones. You can see the new one is much closer together. I use the pink one as a reference to the new group in multiple photo's.

Again with the group:
I really do encourage you all try try the wig wags :) The post previous to this has the how to aspect of the wig wags. I will tell you how to use them in a bead as soon as I actually turn my kiln on and make beads!!! This week it has only been wig wags, which I am really enjoying as you can see! Either the studio is still a bit chilly for my brain to function or I don't have the time block I would like to make beads and babysit my kiln. I may blog about twisties as well sooner than later if I keep not turning on my kiln.

More pics and recipes~!
Effetre and Vetrofond Glass ID's

White (VP204-cool) barrel base (short barrel)
Stripes of:
Transparent Med Blue (VT054)
Transparent Light Aqua (VT034)
Med transparent Grass Green (ET022)
Black (ET064)


White (VP204-cool) barrel base (short barrel)
Stripes of:
Transparent Med Blue (VT054)
Transparent Light Blue (ET052)
Transparent Purple (ET040)
Transparent Purple (ET044)

Transparent Amber/Straw yellow (VT008)
Black (T064)

White (VP204-cool) barrel base (short barrel)
Stripes of:
Transparent Dark Purple (ET044)
Transparent Med Grass Green (VT022)
Pastel Pea Green (EP212)
Pastel Purple/Voilet (EP273)
The lines are not black, they are DSP (EP275)
(Dark Silver Plum) I got remembered this from JC Herrell! Her tutorials on stringer include the mention of using DSP instead of black to avoid the bleed and color shift of effetre black (064) and create the look of pure black with the DSP. It has a, metallic look in the pictures, and acts metallic under a neutral flame. That is another blog day all together!!

White (VP204-cool) barrel base (short barrel)
Stripes of:
Reichenbach Opal Raspberry
CIM Simple Berry
Pastel Purple (EP272)
DSP (EP275)

Group Pictures!!! Smile!!!! Numbers correspond to above





Pink from previous blog posting.

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