Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Last Wig Wag Post!

For now anyways... You didn't think I would let you go without seeing beads made with the wig wags did you??? Check out the first 2 posting about wig wags, for wig wag recipes!

This first bead was made with a white base, layers of transparent aqua, green and blue. Then the wig wag went on. spiraling around, and around, then across and up the other side. I will give you a few different views of this one.


The bead on top has a spiral of the wig wag that was encased before being melted in. then the same wig wag was used for the flower petals. It gave the petals a really neat stone effect.  The lower pink bead was made by laying stripes of wig wag end to end on a barrel shape bead. Nothing was melted in or shaped until all the surface was covered. It looked like a pull and peel Twizzler. It is on a base of white. I was very surprised at the results! You can not even tell that there were lines in it previously. or that a wig wag was used at all. I love the effect, but it was unexpected. The wig wag was melted in very slowly.

These beads were all made using the same technique the green, purple, and the blue bead. They are made by taking a small disc bead, lining the edge with the wig wag, and then heavily encasing it with clear before melting it in. The same way you make stripe beads by stretching the dots on a disc as you melt it in slowly. The base is black or white, and the blue and green beads I encased with T080, instead of clear. I find that the trick to these beads is to make sure that your clear melts over the edges of the wig wag, and touch the core bead. This will give you really nice edged as it spreads, and even if you have to add more clear as it melts, you will not have to worry about trapping loose ends of the wig wag. 
Next week we start talking about frit!

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